another smart thing livejournal does

this entry from a livejournal user about someone paying for a year-long paid subscription for someone else is an example of the livejournal folks being smart. this way their users don’t have to set up dropcash-style fundraisers, well-wishing users can just swoop in and give the money to livejournal directly. blogger’s free blogspot hosting used to do something similar to remove the ads. sites like flickr would be smart to roll out similar systems. (the one thing not addressed by livejournal is doing the payment dropcash-style, where multiple people pay into the account, but i can see why it might be desirable to avoid that — what do you do with partial payments?).


On flickr, one can already buy a pro membership for anyone else.

» Phillip Winn (link) » november 16, 2004 8:48am

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