october, 6, 2004 archives

the snap.com terms & conditions includes a linking policy (which i just violated). the snap.com privacy policy (oops, there i go again) says, in part, “We may share certain information about you with carefully selected business partners, including those who may offer services that complement those provided by us or which we believe may be of interest to you.”

update: cory lays the smack down. with regard to the linking policy, at least. i think i forgot to mention the “we can sell your info to spammers” clause of the privacy policy.

another update: the linking policy got dropped. no change to the privacy policy. (links from boing boing and snap. am i cool yet?)

along came polly was an extremely so-so film. verging on not good. the sort of film that makes me wonder why it is that i think i like ben stiller. he’s been in some real clunkers. i will, however, find it in my heart to forgive jennifer aniston.

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