i’ve spent a good chunk of today just trying to play a game. i fired up civilization iii, but i just couldn’t get into it. i installed escaped from monkey island, but the cutscene video won’t play under os x, and i couldn’t get it to run at all on os 9. i briefly looked at trying to compile ufo2000, which uses the x-com: ufo defense graphics for a multiplayer game based on the x-com tactical game, but it requires a mess of dependencies. i downloaded the latest patch for sid meier’s alpha centauri, only to realize that i never bought the mac version (although i have both the pc and linux versions). i took another look at pygame, but quickly ran away when i remember how stupid the mac os x installation is.

i even tried installing dr. brain thinking games: iq adventure under virtualpc, but the sound didn’t work, and the game crashed.

maybe i’ll try hooking up my playstation again. or just break out a deck of cards and play some solitaire.

or maybe i should spend all my amazon gift certificate money on a pstwo. i could even pick up escape for monkey island for it.