the crucible of time by john brunner is a fantastic book, it’s a shame that it is out of print. it traces the development of life on a doomed planet, basically from the time of the first astronomers to their escape from the planet before it is obliterated. the creatures aren’t humanoid, but more bug-like, and the technology they develop is based largely around specialized creatures. this all takes place over many generations, and across some intervening near-calamities.

it’s a book i’d very much recommend. powell’s books has some copies, or you can do what i did and get it at your local library. (the los angeles public library system has five copies.)


The Crucible of Time also ran as a series, in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, around 20 years ago. I re-read the series a couple years ago. I have several years of IASFM, from the first issue.

The magazine showcased some of the best writers in sf. Look in old bookstores. Maybe you can find a copy of David Brin's, The Postman, that Hollywood hadn't butchered.

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» David Harper (link) » may 22, 2004 2:16am

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