working out

one of the criteria i had when setting out to find a new place to live was “close to gym.” it was down there on the priority list (even lower than it was on the list in that entry, really), mostly because i think my definition of “close” with regards to a gym was pretty stringent. i’m just as close to a few gyms now as i am to the central library, but while i drop in at the library once in a while, i can’t see myself going to one of the nearby gyms regularly, even though they’re about the same distance away.

the biggest factor is that i’m just not comfortable at a gym. it is an environment that plays into the worst of my insecurities. would the situation really be different even if there were a gym in my building? i’m not sure, but i lean towards doubting it.

so i’m thinking of getting an exercise bike, perhaps a recumbant one. the proform crosstrainer 55 seems to get pretty good reviews and is in a reasonable price range. the danger, of course, is that i end up with a $400 purchase that ends up collecting dust in a corner.

and while i’m bringing up the criteria i had set out, i have to say i really hit it out of the park on “morning light.” i get an amazing amount of light in my apartment.