september, 27, 2003 archives

disney hall is the new exciting building in downtown los angeles. too bad this area is so cut off from the much livelier area around the grand central market.

near the mark taper forum. if there is a wifi hotspot here, it would be an awesome place to work.

oh, the cars on the gold line are the same as on the green line, too. i like the cars on the red line more. the driver on the ride out to pasedena was funny, slowing down to point out some sights. the one on the way back is using the prerecorded station announcements. much less entertaining.

the gold line turns out to be a lot like the green line at the end: stops in the middle of the highway, with parking for park-and-ride. it does have a stop near old town pasedena, if you're into that sort of thing.

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