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there are times when it was easy to forget that the death and life of great american cities by jane jacobs was first published in 1961 (and other times when it was not). overall, it is a fantastic book. i’m not up on the city planning world, but i think the book has been useful in getting me to think about what sort of area i'd like to live in.

i watched the california recall debate last night (most of it, at least — i started to lose interest towards the end), and i agree with the one thing i think everyone agrees on: mcclintock put in a solid performance, whether you like his politics or not. i did not expect much from arnold, and was not at all disappointed. whereas bustamante, camejo, and mcclintock were all pretty good about easing from the question (or topic they’d jumped into the middle of) to what they really wanted to say, arnold seemed to clumsily lurch from the topic to his prepared punchline. and arianna was just nuts, but certainly helped make the whole thing entertaining.

i haven’t decided who to vote for in the recall, but i feel a little more prepared in making the decision by having watched the debate.

charity, september 2003

Amnesty International i don't think that amnesty international needs much explanation. are there people who don’t know who they are and what they do?

they label their news site as “the latest information for journalists,” but it is basically a weblog about human rights issues worldwide. no rss feed, though.

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