september, 23, 2003 archives

gain/loss % talk about mixed blessings. that +32.15% is a real honey, but that -46.53% is a big drag. i should have a couple more green ones in there, but didn't act fast enough.

notice of rent increase

as of november 1, my rent will have gone up by 41% since i moved in six years ago.

so sometime between now and next wednesday, i need to decide if i'm going to keep my promise to myself to give notice the next time they raised my rent.

i think that this weekend i'll scope out the areas around some of the metro red and gold line stops, and put together the list of apartment requirements and desires i've been kicking around in my head for way too long.

i'm not even particularly averse to paying more for rent, just paying more for rent on the place i'm currently in.

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