august, 22, 2003 archives

"don't worry, you'll make your connecting flight." right. don't fly aloha airlines.

i am bored. can't sleep. too tired to read. ticket agent won't be back until 4am to book me through on a direct flight. (right now i'm booked through phoenix—if i'd wanted that, i'd have done that in the first place!) i'm very glad i have an ipod. i wish i knew how to insert linebreaks on this thing. remember: don't fly aloha airlines. (wonder if that link will make it?) ack, my feet are asleep. time to walk around. more later.

gambling in the airport. kind of like flying aloha airlines. (i lost $5 so far.)

i got screwed by aloha airlines and all i got was this lousy breakfast. (i should have blown the meal voucher at cinnabon instead of ruby's.)

arrived, finally.

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