may, 21, 2003 archives

american airlines to pack 'em tighter

american airlines is going to reduce the leg room to 32" for economy seats in 25% of its fleet. that sucks. standard economy seating drives me nuts, and it's not like i'm that tall—just a couple of inches above average for an american male. there's only so many emergency-row seats to go around.

a boy and his chicken suit

okay, i thought whiplash (movies here) sounded like a gloriously bizarre game premise: you play a ferret running around (presumably escaping from) an animal research lab. but you have a white bunny chained to you, and you swing him around as a weapon. on fire. or dipped in poison. but billy hatcher and the giant egg sounds even more gloriously bizarre, if not as violent: you play a boy in a chicken suit who rolls around eggs that hatch into creatures such as penguins.

more positive atkins studies

this time, some positive atkins diet studies have hit the new england journal of medicine. for a diet that has been around for thirty years, it's a little sad that the best that can be mustered up is a one-year study, though. my dad reports great success on the diet, though.

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