mmm, tasty

there's a treat for users of the still-unannounced-because-there-are-issues instant messenger notification. at least those using aim. i probably won't add the same feature to the icq and yahoo! support, since they don't support the same html-goodness that aim does.


Two phrases for AIM: "offline messages" and "invisible mode". No way am I going back, no matter what they offer in the way of HTML.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » february 23, 2003 1:43pm


» Ask Bjoern Hansen (link) » february 24, 2003 3:28am

yes, i've been meaning to add jabber support. the jabber4r library looks simple enough. that would be a good excuse to play with ruby.

» jim (link) » february 24, 2003 12:09pm

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