february, 19, 2003 archives

time to check the credit report

them: “i'm calling about your account at walmart that has been $56 overdue for two months.”

me: “i don't have an account with walmart.”

them: “just a minute.”

(a minute passes.)

them: “is your name james winstead the junior?”

me: “yes.”

them: “is your address p.o. box 12345, burbank, ca?”

me: “no.”

them: “okay, thank you.”

this first-hand account about the world economic forum in davos, switzerland is amazing. i keep seeing deflation talk pop up in more places, although it is hard to sort out whether it is really becoming more prevalent, or if my pattern-matching engine is just locked into finding it. (via rafe colburn.)

note for next time

the recipe calls for two cups of flour, not one. oops.

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