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on a recent episode of tru calling, eliza dushku’s character throws a housewarming party. a character that only regularly interacts with about six people throws a party where about forty people show up. (and if i remember correctly, some of those people she regularly interacts with have complained that they never see her.) it was just one of those convenient-for-the-plot things that struck me as odd.

i should probably do the housewarming thing some day. then again, that could irreparably damage my reputation as a recluse. (or not, which would probably be an even less appealing outcome.)

scare quotes

this article in the los angeles times about a “legitimate” online marketing company uses scare quotes around most instances of legitimate, but never really discusses why. there have been other articles that have done a better job of describing the business that goes on in trading lists of email addresses, and all it takes is a few people operating in bad faith in that market to turn the folks that like to say (or think) they are legitimate into spamming chumps.

i do like that “alyx sachs” has a very syrup-like name for someone who claims to work in marketing. (sorry, i have too much respect for non-scare-quotes-legitimate marketing folks to put her in the same profession.)

resurfacing the ice in the rink in pershing square with a mini-zamboni. it's probably somewhere in the mid-to-high 60s. a nice day for skating, i guess.

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