obsolete electronics and other detritus

there isn’t room for my receiver, dvd player, directivo, and vcr in my television stand. i didn’t really need a vcr, anyway.

i’m making some progress on actually clearing up my multitude of boxes. part of that just involves moving boxes into the “give all this stuff away” corner. another part is unpacking parts of boxes, and then consolidating the remainder in other boxes and moving it into the “give all this stuff away” corner.

i hung my two picasso posters (prints, if you want to be snooty). with twine from electrical conduits, because the hardwall hangers (aka ursula hooks) couldn’t hang on to the hard wall. i did manage to get the pictures to hang at the same height on the wall.

i finally found the piece that allows me to attach my desk lamp to my desk, so when i work past sundown, i’m no longer literally in the dark.

the books i want to keep are outnumbered by the ones i want to get rid of by a margin of about two to one (by volume, not by number).

cement floors aren’t very forgiving of dropped jars of preserves.