the low-food diet and other random thoughts

forget atkins, forget low-fat. just don’t have anything in your refrigerator except a dodgy bag of carrots. i haven’t done a very good job of taking advantage of the nearby grand central market to actual re-stock my kitchen. nor have i done a very good job of actually unpacking. it won’t be long before i can no longer use having been out of the country as an excuse.

speaking of being out of the country, germany and france were both quite lovely. frankfurt wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was an attractive city (and i did escape the conference for an afternoon to walk around the city a bit with some others). france was very beautiful (as were the waitresses in france — it must be something in the water), and it was good, as always, to actually get a chance to hang out with some of my coworkers in a non-computer-mediated way.

next week i’ll be in las vegas for a few days at apachecon and comdex, and that will end my most recent spate of travel. perhaps i’ll be able to focus on actually enjoying my very enjoyable new living space.

i still haven’t upgraded to panther.

i think the clock ran out on the “Increased pizzazz makes you a magnet for new love in the next three weeks.” bit from my horoscope. perhaps this astrology stuff isn’t true.

if i were to replace my old, clunky speakers with one of those fancy small-speaker surround-sound setups, i could eliminate additional furniture from my life.

this help item from is funny: “what to do if your mom discovers your blog...” i like the idea of going multi-lingual. (the blogger item was inspired by this story at the onion.)

i’m way too far into one of those thoughts-paralyze-actions frames of mind recently.

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