september, 4, 2002 archives

the ogg vorbis gang have released the integer-only version of the decoder. i'd buy an ipod if it supported ogg vorbis.

in a bit of good news, an anonymous donor has given $1 million to duke university's center for the study of the public domain. but the article has a sign of the tough hill to climb:

Recent debates in Congress have started from the viewpoint of the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, rather than from what's good for consumers, Boyle said.
they haven't been missing what's good for “consumers,” they've been missing what's good for the american public. we aren't just here to consume. (i would guess that boyle didn't actually use the word consumer.)

here's my basic hummus recipe. some day i'll figure out how to make decent pitas to go with it. (i'm counting on my fancy new kitchenaid stand mixer to help with that. i just don't have the patience to knead dough by hand properly.)

i love the headline on this article—“experts declare story low on saturated facts”—that follows up on the earlier “what if it's all been a big fat lie?” article from the new york times magazine. (via ask.)

club popcorn is where all the cool kids hang out on alternate saturdays. (or so the cool kids tell me.)

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