september, 5, 2002 archives

i think articles like this one about how the carp ruling is killing online music radio should go out of their way to point out that broadcast radio is not subject to similar fees or reporting requirements. (and here's more about clear channel and payola from the los angeles times. of course, the record industry isn't happy about that situation, either.)

mao knows rss

rael weighs in with a very long, and very good, exposition on the state of the rss standards. he also echoes my earlier beef about the <rdf:Seq> junk.

assuming i didn't miss the mark too much, this blog now supports trackback. if you are familiar with the implementations other people are using, you may be wondering where the link that says trackback is. there isn't one. the trackbacks get integrated into the comments. along the way, i also implemented (optional) titles for my items here. very exciting.

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