september, 20, 2002 archives

here's a picture of yesterday's rocket trail from a launch at vandenburg air force base. a couple of times a year, they do a launch at sunset or sunrise and you get this cool effect with the trail being lit up. the best part of the story i caught about it on the local news was the woman who swore there was a ufo that they fired a rocket at. as far as i recall, they didn't put “local moron” under her name.

i have no real comment about the meat of this article about bush's foreign policy, but i point it out because the author seriously used the phrase “clear corporate vision statements.”

as you may have surmised from the appearance of the phpcon 2002 logo on the front page recently, i'll be speaking at phpcon. i may rent a car to drive up there, and then take my time driving back along the coast.

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