here's a picture of yesterday's rocket trail from a launch at vandenburg air force base. a couple of times a year, they do a launch at sunset or sunrise and you get this cool effect with the trail being lit up. the best part of the story i caught about it on the local news was the woman who swore there was a ufo that they fired a rocket at. as far as i recall, they didn't put “local moron” under her name.


Yesterday Viridiana came to my place and dragged me out to look at the sky. It was beautiful. Odd colors and light. Obviously we wondered what it was. Today Jim explains it. (It was a rocket test from the Vandenburg air force base). Very neat. It was a bit too blurred out when I saw it, and there was too much street light to make a good photo, so I am happy to have found the photo from NASA

» Ask Bj (link) » september 20, 2002 8:20pm

i always wonder about alien i would love to learn more about them

» Maire » november 22, 2004 4:50pm

Dude she prob was right u military ass holes like to lie and cover up things a lot i seen some crazy shit in my life and dont feel like being called crazy so just come out and tell the real story

» ??????? (link) » january 16, 2007 1:27am

what kind of rocket does loopy loops like that one?

» andrew mangold » march 25, 2007 4:51pm

You said that you launched a rocket, but this picture clearly shows the whatever it is starting from the sky then......... falling to the ground. You must think we are living in the dark ages, hiding the truth from people only encourages more fear and terror. This picture to me looks like something exploded in the sky and then burned down to the ground...If it is indeed a "rocket launch" as you say then prove it!! Do more launches and take more pictures and put it right next to this one, I bet the they look a heck of a lot different. Prove us wrong!!

» justina » may 22, 2007 12:08pm

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