august, 28, 2002 archives

a fairly long story about how the gnome project came to use bugzilla.

my biggest problem with bugzilla was always that the web interface is crufty, and the code is even worse. feature-wise, it's okay (although it assumes a workflow with a verification-that-bug-is-fixed step that is absent from many, if not most, open source projects).

scarab has always seemed like the most likely contender for unseating bugzilla in popularity, except for it being written in java (still a hurdle for wide adoption, i think).

having a public commenting system and good google juice can lead to some funny things: a minor discussion about the imagery of dasani billboard advertisements broke out on a one-year-old post on an entirely different topic. (i haven't seen the billboard in question, so i can't common on its imagery.)

then there's the scary aspect of dozens of people a day coming across this site because they're looking for naked pictures of certain celebrity fraternal twins.

time for a little public shaming: these are the people who are using a broken aggregrator to download feeds that have been dead for quite some time.

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