may, 10, 2002 archives

after some futile searching for a badmailto patch for qmail, i finally stumbled across the badrcptto patch. (i'm using this to reject messages to bogus addresses at at the smtp level, rather than endure the inevitable deluge of double-bounces or just blackhole mail to those addresses.)

i guess i should really be looking at qpsmtpd, but i wanted to pick the low-hanging fruit first.

because of his brilliant track record, the infamous seamus blackley is forming his own game company. not quite a publisher, not quite a developer, it apparently just exists to vacuum up money from the middle. and this guy has plenty of experience with things that suck.

i wish slash sites would make their journals more accessible. they're currently hidden behind “search for a user” walls, and don't talk to services like, so there's not a lot of ways someone might stumble upon interesting things like matt's journal or gnat's journal.

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