march, 8, 2002 archives

qwest is selling $1.5 billion in unguaranteed debt. salomon smith barney downgraded them from “buy” to “neutral”. sell, sell, sell! (but get ready to bail out this fiasco with your tax dollars.)

salon has an article about animal hoarders (you know, crazy cat ladies and their ilk). i'm inclined to believe that the psychosis sets in with the first animal.

i'm a little disappointed to find that the minimum annual tax for a corporation in california is $850. i guess that's probably worth it, when you factor in the liability-protection benefits. but it's still a daunting commitment for a cheeseparer like myself. and of course, incorporating carries its own fees and other headaches, too.

(why the interest in incorporation? for my tutorial at the o'reilly open-source conference in july, i'd love to have a fully-functioning example of some of the things i'm going to talk about. which includes things like payment processing. and hey, making some money wouldn't be a bad thing.)

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