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the secondary effect of being a yahoo! pick is starting to kick in—yesterday it was sapo (a portal in portugal) which chose it as a site-of-the-day.

there isn't a whole lot of text involved in i should probably add some i18n and l10n support once i've moved it. (soon.)

charity, november 2002

this is another theme month: kids. marine toys for tots foundation

i bet you think this spam is about you

an interesting spam: no subject, relatively normal-looking sender, and body text that just said “browsing through the cnn website i came across this cnn article which seems to be about you:[email protected]/”. that url abuses the syntax that allows for specifying a username in the url to push the actual site url to the end—the real request there is to with a username of “”.

that almost qualifies as clever. too bad it was sent to a message-id instead of my real email address. (every email has a message-id header, which happens to look quite a bit like a real email address to stupid spam bots. my mail system isn't currently set up to bounce those non-existent addresses immediately, so i sometimes see the double-bounce.)

just to clear up any confusion, i really hate all the people i know who can write well. like this one.

every once in a while, i'll use a word in a way that i think is interesting. often accidently. more rarely, i'll cobble together an interesting sentence. usually accidently. there's been a few times where i've put together a particularly satisfactory paragraph. mostly accidently. i think i have once or twice written something of essay-length that may not entirely suck. those were a lot of work, and an extraordinary collision of accidents.

(i figured out why i don't use capital letters. it is part of my continuing campaign of sabotage i wage against myself.)

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