two quick book reviews

dave barry's tricky business is a fun crime-caper-comedy set mostly on a gambling boat during a tropical storm. the plot is silly, but some of the characters are really fun.

tom perrotta's the wishbones follows a few months from the life of a guitarist from a wedding band after he proposes to his longtime girlfriend. it will no doubt be the basis for a decent movie some day, although i was somewhat left with the feeling that it already had been, and the movie was called high fidelity.

both quick reads (i read the first on the ride from los angeles to vegas, the second in the morning one day in vegas), and both recommended as such.


indeed, the wishbones has been optioned by new line cinema to be made into a movie by the same producers as election, which was also based on a perrotta novel.

» jim (link) » december 31, 2002 4:26pm

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