the lessig challenge

lawrence lessig, in his keynote at the o'reilly open source conference, challenged the audience to give more money to organizations fighting on the side of good in the copyright wars. luke francl is documenting his contributions. my monthly vig to the media/telecommunications goons is higher (about $100 for between my phone, dsl connection, and cable, but i think i'm doing pretty good in rising to the challenge. i've given about $800 to the eff this year (most of that a chunk of the money i got for speaking at oscon), and while that's less than what i'll have spent on phone+dsl+cable+music+movies, that's pure money to fuel the fight (minus some stickers).

in the new year, i'll probably kick some money to as well. epic, the cryptorights foundation, and cpsr also look like worthy causes in the same vein. any other suggestions?

(link to luke via boing boing.)

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