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getting true layout and content seperation with (x)html and css is not possible. too much still depends on what order things occur in the html file. (at least, it's not possible while still maintaining compatibility with many browsers.)

and even some of the most modest graphic flourishes require stuffing things that aren't really content into your content.

i think you'd have to throw xslt into the mix to really get proper seperation all the way through. (or something like some php code pulling the real “content” out of a database, and feeding it into an html+css layout.)

what is it with presidents and lens caps?

i actually contacted contact press images (based on the credit at the bottom of the photo), and got confirmation that the picture is legit. but as snopes points out, it's a pretty easy mistake to make. goes with the territory of being constantly photographed.

so i'd jump and down and gloat about how much of an fool the current president is based on this photo, but that's the sort of thing only a big fat idiot would indulge in. i'll let his policies speak for his intelligence.

(i've passed the information about the confirmation to snopes. hopefully they'll follow up and get the same confirmation.)

update: jd lasica points at this article from wired about the rise of doctored photographs. it suggests the clinton lens cap photo is faked.

(oh, and i don't rule out that i've been duped by someone at contact press images just carrying on the joke. i just attempted to get confirmation since i had enough information at hand to at least make that first step.)

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