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thanks to the magic of itunes, i've been listening to a lot of kcrw music lately. i wish they could/did stream the titles of songs as they were played. they publish playlists the following day (or later), so you have to remember to go to the site, and approximately what time the song was played.

but do that i did, and now look forward to the us release of redemption's son by joseph arthur.

baraka is an amazing movie. if you're in los angeles, you should go see it at the egyptian theatre this weekend. it's being shown in 70mm by american cinematheque. they'll also be previewing adaptation (written by charlie kaufman, directed by spike jonze) next weekend, which looks pretty mind-bending, much like being john malkovich from the same crew.

unless you've been living under some sort of rock, you've probably heard of the the hire, the series of short films that bmw has been making with both established and up-and-coming directors. now that i'm using a more multimedia-friendly computer, i've finally caught up, and i have to say that they're all quite excellent. i'd have to say my favorite so far is probably ang lee's chosen.

unfortunately, there's one film no longer available, reportedly due to a contract dispute with forrest whitaker, who had an uncredited role in that film whose contract wouldn't allow them to release the films on dvd.

and for films sponsored by the car company, the cars take quite a beating and actually show the damage. quite a contrast to video games like gran turismo that don't show damage because of fussy car companies.

the xbob

slate, owned by microsoft, has a column that speculates why the xbox is an also-ran (since it is getting thoroughly clobbered by the ps2 worldwide, and barely edges out the gamecube in the us). while he cites the lack of some games, and a lack of cultural cachet, i think you can probably place the blame at the feet of seamus blackley, self-aggrandizing twit. it's funny how his bio doesn't mention trespasser and how it sank dreamworks interactive, and is amazingly vague about his role on ultima underworld (not listed in the credits), system shock (programming), and flight unlimited (programming and director). (and the bio for one of the partners in his new venture, j. mark hood, doesn't include his involvement with sierra's middle earth, a failure on a scale corresponding to the epic on which it was based.)

fonts for wisdom

while some much-deserved love from aaron has been extended to gill sans, i have to say that cochin is an amazing serifed font that comes with mac os x 10.2 (aka jaguar). the italic version is übersexy. dig that d (and the s).

i wasn't a big fan of antialiased fonts when i'd played with them before, but they are absolutely awesome on my new computer.

charity, october 2002

with my travelling around the end of october, i slacked off in my monthly charitable giving. because we're coming up on thanksgiving, this will be my first theme month: food. (and my first repeat: the los angeles regional food bank.)

and a bonus (off-theme) contribution, owing to the cashing in on some stock market gains and my speaking fee from phpcon: the electronic frontier foundation (a membership renewal, actually).

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