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mozilla 1.2 is out, and support link prefetching, which is interesting. i really wish it didn't prefetch “next” links, though. that will just beat up on sites that have gone to the trouble to define next and previous links for areas that may not even be normally navigated sequentially. (like the mysql documentation, for example. disclaimer: i work for mysql ab.)

the query-string thing is just a gross hack that glosses over the fact that the right balance between improving the user experience and not putting an undue burden on publishers was not struck.

researching dedicated hosting again, i'm simultaneously impressed by the fairly wide availability of relatively inexpensive hosting, and still appalled that most of it uses redhat. everyone seems eager to foist one of those horrible control-panel things on you, too. the number of places that skimp on ram and then charge inflated per-month prices for more is disappointing.

i research hosting for two purposes: work, a relatively high-bandwidth site, and my stuff, where bandwidth usage is pretty low but i'd love to have complete control over the server.

colocation would be more ideal, in some ways, but the economics dictate that dedicated servers are cheaper.

we'll presumably find someone to donate the server and bandwidth for work (one of the perks of providing free software used by many isps), but it's interesting and a little amazing to see what is out there.

kevin werbach's paper on open spectrum policy is pure gold. i have viewed spectrum auctions favorably before, but this explains how not licensing the spectrum at all is an even better way to spur innovation and use.

peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies mmm, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

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