january, 31, 2002 archives

drum drum drum. damn them!

mind the blog thanks, shelley! (the mug in the background is the mug i got to test out cafepress a long time ago. i wasn't impressed with the shirt i got, but the mugs are really nice.)

more monkeys paving the way: eggheads have figured out how to make monkey eggs yield stem cells. if it produces an embryo, i'm not clear how this sidesteps the ethical issues with regards to cloning.

just what the world needs, a bunch of monkeys running around able to control computers with their minds!

who's winning the console fight? sony, obviously. the comments from the guy at famcom games just make no sense: “i think xbox has a lead over gamecube right now. we've been selling a lot more gamecubes when we have them, but i think that might be because of the price point.” i don't own any of the systems, but the gamecube seems the most intriguing to me, because the games sound interesting and different. (but really, i lost my taste for gaming somewhere along the line.) of course, microsoft has billions in the bank, so they can afford to just spend nintendo into submission.

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