because i'm just that cool, i got a complimentary copy of php functions: essential reference. would i be a bad person if i sold it on it looks like an excellent book, but i find the online php documentation fits just fine into the way i program (although there's room for improvement — i need to put together some more things to get more done from the keyboard without resorting to the mouse).


you could always donate it to charity (ie, me).

» vandaemonlander (link) » january 2, 2002 10:17pm

You can sell it, if you must - just keep saying that it looks like an excellent book. :)

Actually, please do take a few minutes to browse the sections on MySQL, Pack/Unpack, Error Handling, Calendar, Ticks I busted my ass on those (and there is some info that is going back into the PHP docs in there. :) and think they are fairly good. :)

» Zak (link) » january 5, 2002 4:50am

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