if it weren't long distance, and i weren't positive it is a scam, i would call 214-615-3448. the caller-id identified this as "win 10000 cash." the phone only rang twice (just long enough for caller-id info to be transmitted).


hey, i just missed the phone by 1 and 1/2 rings and on the caller id it said Win 10,000 Cash so I tried to call it back on my Net 2 Phone (on my computer) _ because we don't have long distance_ and it started talking and shit so i just went to google.com and typed in the phone number to see if it would bring up anything-- and, it brought up this *the first thing i clicked on*-- so anyway, You can see that My family is desperate for cash, so, even if it's cheap long distance & stuff, we'll take it. but anyway, thanks for calling. I personally think this is a GodSend...

~hopeful for a recall~

Shiney GIRL

» Cheyenne Elizabeth Moses » december 19, 2001 4:55pm

I was curious as to what this was on my caller id as well......guess we'll never know! I know I am not calling the number...

» Liane » february 23, 2002 11:00am

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