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i had been using a plastic water bottle while at the store (refilled from our water dispenser in the back), but it started smelling a bit off. so i ordered a klean kanteen stainless steel water bottle. it isn’t insulated, so it can be a little cold when first filled, but it has a nice large opening and should be easy to clean if it starts to get funky.

i also got an all-ett wallet (the european) to replace my old thick wallet. the fabric it is made from is crinkly, but i hope that will mellow with usage. it is half as thin as my old wallet, at least.

we got a sprout coat tree from cb2 so we have someplace to hang our coats this “winter.” this is much better than our old system of draping the coats around on chairs. the packaging was annoying (crumbly styrofoam), but it is a nice solid coat rack that we should have for a while.