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but empty retail space is a dream

saeed farkhondehpour, developer of the medallion at 4th and main in downtown los angeles, plans to challenge the downtown women’s center’s plans to open a second-hand store because he thinks “a lot of people will not want to come shop near secondhand stores.”

so the toy district, where you can find blocks of stores selling nearly the exact same items, would somehow be tarnished by a second-hand store run by a non-profit organization in a space that is currently just a building behind an iron fence.

yeah, i don’t buy it.

i’m going to miss this

lindbergh beacon on city hall and traffic, long exposure when the medallion gets built across the street from me, i suspect i’m going to miss this view. actually, i may still be able to see city hall after it is built, but the wider view will be less exciting.

as eric has covered over on blogdowntown, the light on top of city hall is the lindbergh beacon that was used to help pilots navigate, but is now just switched on for the holidays.

i was playing around with some longer exposure times, and took a thirty-second exposure of just the traffic on main street.

i also grabbed another close-up of the full moon. it might be fun to get a telescope with a camera mount to get some really good close-ups of the moon, but it would be such a one-trick purchase that it’s not high on my list.