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accumulated downtown

the holiday block party in the old bank district was a really great event. i didn’t even get around the corner to 4th street (spending my time between the bank and our store), but what i saw was tremendous. based on the traffic at the store, i have to say i liked the crowd a lot more than the typical art walk crowd. there was just less tension in the air. there seemed to be a lot more people from the neighborhood around.

we went to an event at the new cole’s the other night, and also picked up some sandwiches at the grand opening. there was always a fear that something would just be wrong with the renovation, but they appear to have done it right. i have decided to withhold judgement on the food until having a proper meal there. it was really strange being at the bar again. if i seem less than enthusiastic, it is because that place means so much to us. it is hard to process.

the association, a new bar next door to cole’s was a real eye-opener, though. they managed to stay fairly far under the radar, so stepping inside was a real treat. it felt like a really comfortable, contemporary neighborhood bar. not my usual scene at all, but i could imagine spending some time there.


i have been blogging at the raw materials site about the process of getting the store put together. this week is one of those where a lot of things should start to fall into place, at least planning-wise.

there are other complicating factors that are going to make the end of the month really chaotic, but i am actually perversely looking forward to it. i finally splurged on a macbook pro so that i can be more flexible about where i work from, and not have to deal with some of the hardware issues that were annoying me.