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im identity

i think it is odd that none of the major im clients appear to send a display name in addition to your username. i guess there are times when you may want to be known only as wundrdog53, but sometimes you may want people to actually be able to tell who you really are. and clients that don’t let you change the name used to display your buddies are crazy.

of course, this is only an issue for me on systems where i wasn’t able to be jimwinstead. or where i probably had jimwinstead, and long since forgot the login details and can’t recover it because the email address attached to it is something really old that doesn’t still forward to me.

i needed to be accessible to someone on another instant messaging system, so i finally took a look at adium. it’s a very nice little instant messaging application that supports the major instant messaging systems.

it took me some digging to figure out how to move the whole contact list around, though. you need to hold down the apple key and drag it.

the ichat in tiger will have jabber support, but i may end up sticking with adium. with the styling of the contact list it allows, it is much less obnoxious than the ichat buddy list.

too bad none of the instant messaging platforms has really opened up.