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my email to virgin mobile usa

On December 31, I placed an order for a phone (order number removed).

On January 2, I was contacted by one of your representatives, told there had been a problem with my order, and provided my details to place a new order (order number removed).

On January 4, both phones arrived.

Today I called to find out what I should do to return the second phone, sent due to your mistake, and was told I would be responsible for paying shipping to return the phone to you (rma number removed).

I do not find this acceptable. What can you do to rectify this problem?



the response:

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Since there was an error in our system, we sent you the phone you ordered and another one for free! If you wanted to return this free gift from us to you, we ask that you contact a live advisor at the number provided below to set up the return. Unfortunately, we do ask that you pay for the shipping of an unwanted phone. What I would suggest doing is giving the phone to a friend and getting our Kickback bonus. This is a $20 bonus we give to you for referring a friend to our company.

so, anyone want a free virgin mobile usa phone?


new phone after one too many times where having a cell phone would have been handy, i decided to rejoin the crowd. using virgin mobile, which means i’m only out $60/year for service if i never use it. (and $25 for the phone.)

i am more than a little bitter that i got assigned an 818 phone number. it’s, like, a total bummer.

jason kottke’s “sweethearting” idea seems quite clever.

i’m a little surprised at how much i like the idea given that i would have absolutely no use for it.

actually, i’m not surprised at all.