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a return to elegance

Alexandria Hotel brochure, front cover and map this brochure for the alexandria hotel has been kicking around on my desk for a long time waiting for me to scan it. celia got it from a security guard when she first moved into the alexandria.

it is in spanish, and is dated may 1, 1975.

you can still find some signs in the alexandria that feature the “a return to elegance” tagline that this brochure uses. or at least you could a year or two ago.

be careful with those matches

i guess if ed is going to say i have been blogging about downtown los angeles since 2000, i should blog about downtown some more. (it has actually only been since 2003.)

celia wrote about our taste of ’gina on friday night. i really was not expecting much, but the pasta was really good, and so was the gelato. the presentation on the gelato was not great — it looked all melty in the display case — but it was tasty.

we went to see point break...live! at the alexandria hotel, and it was exactly as brilliant as you would expect. kathryn bigelow, the director of point break, the movie, was in the audience.

i am a little amazed that charlie o’s in the alexandria is being allowed to operate with such an obviously deficient sprinkler system. a drop-ceiling has been ripped out, so there are some sprinkler heads that are way too low. and there are lights hanging from some of the sprinkler system. i guess the upgrade from coke bar to hipster haven isn’t quite complete.

house at the penthouse

a few months ago, they shot some scenes for house at my fiancée celia’s penthouse at the alexandria hotel. this is a screen grab from the episode (actually from the beginning of the second part of the two-episode story). part of the penthouse was made up to be a cop’s apartment. so for that setting, they shot basically everything at the penthouse except for the rooftop enclosed greenhouse where he was growing weed.

this is how it looked on television — celia has shots she took of the penthouse with all the stuff they used to make it look like a ratty cop’s apartment, and i’m sure she’ll post them once she digs out from under the project she’s currently buried underneath.

there were a couple of scenes where characters climbed out of a window to get on to the roof outside. there is a door about five feet to the left of that window.