what is fair?

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Linux has been written entirely by volunteers who have been working on their own time, and I don't think that should change. I also don't think it's fair that someone take what has been written for free by people and try and sell it to turn a buck (i.e. make a living doing so). How fair is that to those of us who contribute our time freely?

i am not sure when it shifted, if it was gradual or sudden, but i do not agree with what i wrote back then (1992!) about the fairness of someone building a business on what someone else has given freely. that has always been a central tension in what became known as the open source community, and you even see it coming up in current discussions about the training data used by generative “AI” systems.

(also, another quote: “I cannot see Linux being a full-time thing for anyone at this point, really.” oops!)

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