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my beautiful wife celia, our website-less brother-in-law james, and i are going to open raw materials, an arts and architectural supply store in historic downtown los angeles. (where else?)

we are also opening a gallery, called winstead adams projects, that is currently without a permanent home. but that is not getting in the way of opening three shows in june — one at 436 s. main, which is where raw materials will be located, and two at either end of the pacific electric lofts on 6th street.

this has been brewing for quite some time, but really started to come together in the last couple of weeks. the biggest step forward was signing a lease for the store, which we did last friday. we came really close on another spot a little over a month ago, but someone beat us out for that space.

i'm not quitting my day job — this is a second job for all of us. who needs sleep?


CONGRATS! Alex and I look forward to bringing little Iolani down for her finger paints and clay.

» Ginny-Marie Case » may 31, 2008 12:56am

Awesome! Congratulations to you, Celia, and James for taking the huge leap and signing the lease. What a great location for your store, and the gallery sounds like fun (along with a lot of hard work).

I wish you much success on this new venture...


» skidrowdude (link) » may 31, 2008 4:20am

Hurray! Congrats & best wishes.. I know you are both working so hard getting it ready! I know I will be one of your first customers! =)

» meekorouse (link) » june 2, 2008 2:26am

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