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vote no on prop 8

yesterday was write to marry day when many bloggers wrote about why you should vote no on proposition 8. there are many reasons to vote no, but the two that make voting yes pretty inconceivable to me are that it was only forty years ago that perez v. sharp was decided, which struck down california’s anti-miscegenation laws. those laws would have made my marriage impossible, and the idea that others in loving, committed relationships are still subject to the same bullshit makes my blood boil.

the other thing that makes my blood boil is that those at least some of the people supporting the initiative believe they are supporting family values of some sort. there are over 70,000 families in california where children have same-sex families. just read one story of the troubles they have because of their second-class status, and you will see how important it is that the parents in those families aren’t kept from being married.

screenwriter john august laid out his case for voting no on proposition 8 more eloquently than i ever could.

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