rosslyn signs lit!

rosslyn signs (partially) lit

i don’t know what it is for (probably a film shoot of some kind), but the rosslyn signs are partially lit. they look incredible. i’ve seen some workers crawling around in them, hopefully replacing bulbs. the signs are gorgeous, and we have a perfect view of them.

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Wow they look incredible! Since the project is undergoing renovation, is it possible the newly lit signs will be permenant?

» fridayinla (link) » september 10, 2007 12:36pm

Turns out it was Wim Wenders shooting his 2000 film, "Million Dollar Hotel" with Jeremy Davies, Mila Jovovich and supercreep Mel Gibson who slammed art films in general and Wenders in particular after cashing his check. Sweet little film that'll add to the hotel's legend. A giveaway DVD for folks who will buy pricey condos in the former fleabag flophouse?

» Michael Linder » september 14, 2007 1:47pm

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