did you lose this dog?

staples dog as she was leaving a sparks game at the staples center last week, cabrini of the loftydog found this sweet dog running around with no owner to be found.

while cabrini kept reminding herself that she can’t take home another dog, the dog (which has been temporarily dubbed “sparky”) did not want to stray far from cabrini. when she went outside during the yappy hour, sparky was running between the windows and door trying to figure out how to get outside to join her.


Cabrini is a true "dog whisperer"- my dog calms down right away when either her or Karen is around at Lofty Dogs. I hope this cute dog finds a good home. I get so sad when I see a stray dog running around in downtown LA, trying to cross streets, etc.

I'm going to Lofty Dogs tomorrow (Monday) and see if she still has the dog and maybe try to do a 2-dog walk with "Sparky" and my white dog (Isis).

» SkidRowDude (link) » august 19, 2007 2:15pm

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