wonton meets the neighbors

tank and wonton

dog day afternoon was a wonderful event at the cathedral of los angeles for neighborhood dogs, their owners, and other downtown residents. this was the first time that wonton really got to meet a lot of other dogs (including some downtown celebrities), and he had a blast. he was totally fearless, even with dogs that were twenty times his size.

ed and don were both there taking lots of pictures (i only took a few). i’m not sure they were on the same page as to which of them was the dog.

next on wonton’s social calendar is a birthday party with the relatives (his first people party!), and then yappy hour at the lofty dog next week during the artwalk.



These pictures are great! Kloey and I met you last night with Wonton. I believe you took a few shots of the two of them together. Kloey is also a shitzu. I just wanted to drop in to say hi and let you know that your pictures are so much fun.


» Kim » august 1, 2007 6:52pm

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