jim as a simpsons character we went to see ratatouille last night, and it met every one of my expectations. brad bird really is a genius when it comes to animation.

most of the previews before the movie were real clunkers (mr. bean’s holiday was the worst), but the trailer for the simpsons movie was great to see on the big-screen. i can’t wait for the film

the picture is of me as a simpsons character, more or less, thanks to the official movie site. my wife celia made one too.

now it’s not like i have a shelf of simpsons toys in my bathroom, but i am a pretty big simpsons fan. the directv dvr in our bedroom is set to record episodes, and i will often watch one while i’m waiting for celia to finish her nightly routine.

25 days!

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what are you trying to say jim? that my shelf of hello kitty toys in my bathroom is excessive? ok, let's talk about the big box full of three stooges videos. videos! do we even have a vcr still?

» celia (link) » july 3, 2007 10:52am

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