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if downtown los angeles was the 3rd bloggiest neighborhood six months ago, things are really exploding now. walter has become frighteningly prolific at scribeskidrow. joe, of joe and ruby fame, has started a blog at big city poz. the guys at angelenic are doing a fantastic job of digging up the news on the downtown development front. white boy/white dog has all the news from 2nd and main. nearby, the lofty dog is one of the first businesses to start up a downtown blog (disclaimer: with my wife and dog’s help). bert green also has a blog as a business owner, resident and player. and dodger is another downtown dog with a blog.

that is a whole lot of new blood in the downtown blog-la-sphere. but i think my favorite part about is that i have been lucky enough to meet all of these new bloggers in person, and they are all fantastic people (and dogs!).

at a party the other night, i was talking with another of our new downtown friends (not yet a blogger) who mentioned how small-town that downtown feels. it is amazing to see how this community is growing up, and to be a part of it while it happens. and i know that the little network of people i know is just one of many such networks downtown.


it's not just that downtown felt like a small town to him, he said that it's a lot like green acres. only with dogs instead of pigs and chickens. and no plowing of the fields because we don't have green space. otherwise, just like green acres.

» celia (link) » november 6, 2007 7:31pm

Thanks for the shout out, Jim. You're a downtown blogging pioneer and an inspiration for Big City Poz.

.....just remember, that's POZ, not paws.


» Joe Cornish (link) » november 7, 2007 1:37am

Be careful Jim and Joe and Celia I am watching you guys very closely and you might just become victims of next years ambassador of goodwill awards.

Rico , I am so sorry we missed you last night at the awards ceremony ,we will be making this up shortly for both you and shannon.

» Don Garza (link) » november 7, 2007 6:21am

Thanks for the compliment, Jim! I love the community feel in Downtown, and I've had so many people talk about it when they visit me as well. It's been great seeing people I know out on the street and at events, and I'm really glad to have met you all!

» Rico A (link) » november 8, 2007 10:27pm

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