movin’ on up

my fiancée celia and i weren’t really planning on finding a new place to live together until after our wedding, but sometimes opportunity knocks and you’re smart enough to answer.

our friend adam has quit his job and is about to embark on an around-the-world tour (starting in rarotonga and including a bunch of other amazing stops — and hopefully he’ll be blogging the whole thing). that meant the lease on his amazing penthouse was ripe for a friendly takeover. that’s the site of our engagement party and where celia and i first met, so this space that was already very special to us will also be home.

we’ve already been daydreaming about how we want to make use of all of the space we’ll have. but first we have to take care of a few practical needs, like a refrigerator.

one other wrinkle is that my lease in my current loft isn’t actually up until the end of october, so i may end up paying rent on two places for a couple of months unless i can find someone to take over here. if you want a view like this, let me know.


gluttony. envy. lust. these are just a few of the deadly sins i'm committing as I devour my second after breakfast donut and painfully contemplate your move to that spacious, comfortable penthouse with its sexy downtown views.


» albert b » august 2, 2006 9:21am

ditto. except for the donut part.


» shannon (link) » august 2, 2006 10:37am

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