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roosevelt hotel and moon

we went on this year’s inaugural neon cruise, led by eric lynxwiler of wilshire boulevard: grand concourse of los angeles fame. it was la observed night on the tour, so we picked up a copy of the book and got it signed by both eric and kevin roderick.

we had time to check out the museum of neon art before the tour, and it has some great neon art as well as some other fantastic kinetic and light-based pieces. eric took us outside to point out the (clumsily and hilariously) racist mexican restaurant sign that is part of their collection.

the tour itself is a lot of fun, of course. one way we could tell how much los angeles’s neon excites eric is by how he reacted to the glimpse we caught of the picadilly neon sign, which has apparently only recently been re-lit.

the tours sell out, so you should plan ahead and make a reservation now. even with yesterday’s brutal heat, it got a little chilly on the double-decker bus towards the end of the tour.


ha! i have a very similar shot of the roosevelt hotel. and i agree, even with the worst heat it can get surprisingly chilly on that damned bus!!!

» shannon (link) » june 5, 2006 3:21pm

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