blame canada

daisies in stanley park

my fiancée celia and i, her brother angel, and some other family members made it back from an extended weekend trip to vancouver.

other than visiting stanley park, where the picture of the daisies comes from, we didn’t do a whole lot of touristy stuff. but we did eat. and eat. and then we ate some more. some of the chinese restaurants we stuffed ourselves at included no. 9 (which had great lemon chicken), spicy szechuan (with great red-bean puff pastry desserts), and northern delicacy (where we first had “little dragons,” or juicy wonton-ish things). on the non-chinese front, we enjoyed cuban food and people watching at havana on commercial street, jazz and italian food at capone’s in yaletown, tasty treats from tim horton’s, and gelato from la casa gelato — just a few of their 218 flavors.

we had a blast. so much so, that there’s some serious consideration to heading back in about six weeks for some of the celebration of light (or as it used to be called, the “symphony of fire”).