immigrants rock!

immigrants rock! i liked the simple sentiment of this sign on the back of one of the protesters out on broadway today.

they are already saying the downtown protest was smaller than the first one a few weeks ago, which sounds about right. we didn’t see nearly as many people walking towards the start point of the march as we did for that first march.

i took more pictures, but i don’t have time to sort through them now.

on our way to join the march, we stopped by my fiancée celia’s place and ran into her roommate lucas, uploading some of his first shots of the protest like this great shot of a protester from mexico waving the american flag. (watch out, that link will resize your browser window, and probably expire in a few days.)


i like this picture. it's a simple message & we all kno that simple is always better, no? shapely fellow too. ;-D

» CHO65 » july 11, 2007 3:08am

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