movie review catch-up

better luck tomorrow is a jumpy little independent film (picked up and released by mtv films) about some asian-american high schoolers who end up running a criminal enterprise on the side. what made it a little more jumpy for me is that i was tired and nodded off periodically. (not because of the movie — i was tired!)

ray is a great biopic, and jamie foxx does a great job portraying ray charles.

a bronx tale is a fun coming-of-age story set around gangsters in the bronx. it was written by chazz palminteri and directed by robert de niro, so you can sort of guess at the tone and quality.

breakfast at tiffany’s is undeniably a classic, but now that it has been a month or two since we watched it, i find that i can recall very little of it. (except mickey rooney’s performance, which is best forgotten.)

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